Change Your Perspective, Change Your Career

Our careers are often long. Like climbing a mountain, they rarely follow a straight path to the summit. Instead, they’re a series of switchbacks, back and forth. There are often obstacles that cause us to change course, taking routes we hadn’t planned to take. There can be challenging terrain and weather. Just when the sun has begun to shine the clouds quickly move back in and it starts to rain again.

Similar to climbing a mountain, our careers take time and patience. When it’s all said and done and you finally reach the summit (likely retirement) you realize it was the journey that was the most enjoyable. Not reaching the summit.

You’re likely reading this because you realize a change needs to happen. You may have never considered employing the help of a career coach. Doing so may make you feel like you’re weak or incapable.

That’s simply not the case. No one has all of the answers – including you. It also includes the person in your life that you consider to be the smartest person you know. They don’t even have all of the answers to everything.

This is for you if you want to take control of your career and, in reality, your life. If you realize there has to be a better way than the status quo. If you feel like applying to jobs is like throwing your resume into a black hole.

This is for you if you realize that you’re capable of doing so much more than what is on your resume. In fact, you’ve probably worked on a lot of projects over the last few years – both for your current company as well as passion projects or other side projects. You’ve developed and acquired a unique set of skills and experience.

If only you could find a way to tell your story beyond your resume, to build a network of people familiar with who you are and what you can do. People who see your creativity. Your drive and determination. They know how you think.

Sometimes we’re too close to ourselves and our work to clearly see the forest for the trees.

There is a better way to go about taking control of your career and doing meaningful work.

It involves taking a radical view of your career. Viewing your career through the eyes of a marketer.

It involves taking a step back and viewing yourself as a brand. Taking the emotion out of it. Viewing your experience and your skills- both hard skills and “real” skills (often referred to as ‘soft skills’) as the features, benefits and the value you offer to the right organizations.

In effect, you become a marketer because marketers make change. They also create awareness. Awareness of the unique skills and experience that represent immense value to the right company.

WIth over 20 years of professional experience that includes multiple career changes, over 12 years of corporate recruiting and over a decade as a marketer, I can help you realize your potential. I can help you discover paths you may not have ever known existed.

Climbing a mountain is something you would never want to do alone, so why would you want to navigate your career alone?